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  • Cacao Experience

    26 septembre 2007 ( #Cacao experience )

    Cacao trees grow in the shade of the rain forest : an abundant and diversified forest of native trees and fruit trees It gives fruits all year round (with high season from june to october : rain season) After gathering the fruits, we open them one by...

  • Reforestation

    26 octobre 2007 ( #Projet Reforestation )

    “ When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money “ ~Cree Prophecy The Fazenda Abracadabra counts about...

  • Arts

    03 novembre 2007 ( #Projet Dance & Arts )

    Juggling, Fire shows, Dance and Music, Craft, jewlery, etc... slowly slowly, after gardening and planting trees, we play with the kids of the village, we practice juggling or whatever skills YOU have, capoiera, yoga, juggling, wall painting, wood carving,...

  • Welcome Home

    03 novembre 2007 ( #Vie sur place )

    Sejam Bem Vindos aqui e a casa comunitaria - the main house ! (before restoration ) tambem se pode acampar no tope do morro,In fact we mostly live outside, camping around, near the waterfall, or up the hill. FOTOS :

  • How to get there

    03 novembre 2007

    From august 2010 we receive you at our neighbors´ farm PURA VIDA, in the same village of Aguas Frias. Ask the bus driver to drop you in front of ´´fazenda PURA VIDA´´ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

  • september 2011 : need new settlers to re-activate the farm

    28 août 2011

    Permaculture Cacao Farm looking for settlers – Bahia – Brazil Bring your help to re-activate a community farm Minimum commitment: 3 months Abracadabra and Pura Vida are two community farm projects started in 2006 in the cacao forest of Bahia. We have...

  • magic waterfall : cachoiera

    25 septembre 2007

    the river of "aguas frias" flows through the land, offering this beautiful waterfall for swimming, sun-bathing and hydro-massage --------------- a very magic spot with misty mornings