Voluntarismo - Volunteer program

Tem vagas para voluntários na horta, na agrofloresta e na cozinha.


Estância mínima: um mês

Troca de serviço por alojamento e comida

Requisitos: ter já uma boa pratica agrícola ou culinária, ou outros talentos úteis


Contato: hfourneau@hotmail.com



  • we work 4 to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, even though volunteers keep asking for more. 
  • there is a wide variety of work, including domestic tasks, gardening, farm work, animal care, reforestation, artifact etc...
  • sleeping : we provide mattresses in shared rooms, as well as spaces for your hammock and camping sites. Bring your own bedding.
  • Food is provided by the communal kitchen

  • contact us to check availability, sending your name, country, age, dates you plan to stay, your experience in organic farming and other related features, your spoken languages, any special project you can help with etc...

What to bring

  • complete bedding : sheet, cover or sleeping bag (it is cool at night), mosquito net
  • long pants for work
  • long socks and long sleeve (better than insect repellent)
  • natural biodegradable soap, tooth past etc...
  • a good flash light
    - organic seeds
    - essential oils (lavender, tea tree, etc... for infections)
  • your music instruments and artifact materials, colors etc...
  • your joy and smile
  • gifts (for example we really appreciate rare spices and others culinary goods, as supply is very limited in Bahia)
  • your hammock and your tent if you wish to camp

a typical day on the farm starts around 6h30 am with breakfast. Then slowly slowly volunteers Olivier and Gustavo follow their mission to clean the banana plantation like everyday, for two hours of physical job. Sandra teaches Gabriel how to water and weed the garden and feed the chickens while Nya cuts fresh veggies for lunch. Haroldo chops fire wood for the kitchen. And Eyal sits is the hammock singing “work my slave, work my slave”  but still remembers to open fresh coconuts for everyone to drink.

At mid day we all sit together for lunch. Haroldo is always late because he prefers swimming in the river. Today we have a fresh salad mix from the garden and a dish of rice and beans with ''farinha de manioca'' and delicious spices that Sandra brought from her country, then a coffee or a tea of lemon grass.

After lunch,  Eyal is asking to relax and get a massage but the volunteers are asking for more work, so we take sand out from the river, dig clay and pass the afternoon under the patio making pottery.  Gustavo and Haroldo do not like pottery so they go for a swim at the waterfall. Before sunset we clean and store the tools and Gustavo is already in the kitchen toasting cocoa beans to bake us a chocolate cake for dinner. Then we sing with guitar and drums (Haroldo does not sing, he never sings)  The moon is shining above us and we observe the starts while slowly slowly everyone goes to sleep.