Vision statement


we are a community of friends

living on a tropical farm

to create and share a sustainable way of life



we are setting up a residential community

that takes care of the organic farm

with the help of local people and international volunteers



that for, we manage different projects, integrating permaculture principles:


cacao and tropical fruit forest

with local farmers, we produce and sell shade-grown cacao. In the same time, we benefit from a  large variety of tropical fruits for our consumption, fresh and transformed.


veggie garden

we plant traditional native plants and more common varieties of veggies, staples, herbs and medicinal plants, in order to supply, as much as possible, the food-needs of the farm.



after completing the renovation of the main communal house, we built a second house to host the native family living with us.

Other small and big constructions are planned, using alternative techniques as cob, bamboo, earth-bags ...



half of the farm is unused and degraded pasture field, that we envision to reforest, partly as a reserve and partly as a productive forest.

that for, we have a small tree nursery, planted the first thousand trees and are looking for collaborators and donations.



at our neighbors´ farm PURA VIDA, we offer CAMPING opportunity to demonstrate and share our values and way of life.