The life on the farm

Abracadabra provides an experience of community living,

where everybody participates in everyday life, with joy and dedication.


About food

the communal kitchen provides 3 meals a day, mostly vegetarian, based as much as possible on crops form our garden and local seasonal food.


About sleeping facilities

the main house is composed of several private and shared rooms, plus a dormitory with basic mattresses on the floor (on construction). There is  as well  hammock spaces and camping sites available.

Remember to bring your own bedding. check the ''what to bring section''

For different reasons such as a natural and sustainable way of life and respect for Mother Earth, we try to use our common sense and our other muscles to reduce our material needs and our impact. We :

  • cook with fire wood
  • drink from the spring
  • use dry compost toilet
  • use almost no chemical products
  • for now we shower outside with cold water ...
  • so far we have no electricity, no phone and no car on the farm

Spoken languages are mainly Portuguese and English, with Spanish, French, Hebrew and animals voices.


What NOT to bring

  • alcohol, cigarettes, drugs
  • chemicals as shampoo, conditioner, repellent ...
  • junk food, sodas ...
  • plastic bags