Seeking associates

The farm is equally owned by 4 associates from different countries, since december 2006. Our goal is to found a residential community of about 10 families, probably setting up a land trust.

Each family is encouraged to build its own house and to sustain itself by its own means (being within or outside of the community).

There will be communal areas and private areas, and probably communal activities and private activities.

Different activities and models are envisioned, as eventually an educative center hosted by the community.

Please contact us to discuss your interest and possibilities, the first step being to spend several months on the land to work together and know each other.


We are also looking for :

  • long term interns to take responsibilities in the community management and practical fields
  • people/associations willing to collaborate in the reforestation project and the cocoa by-products


Abracadabra is susceptible to welcome any eco-friendly initiative. Please contact us.