How to get here ?

The farm is located in the state of Bahia – Brazil,  400 km south of Salvador city,  in the coastal municipality of ITACARE.


The closest international airport is Salvador de Bahia SSA, and the closest regional airport is Ilheus.


Abracadabra is halfway between the towns of UBAITABA and  ITACARE.

Go to one of these two towns and find the  ROTA bus company. There, buy a ticket to the village of AGUA FRIA. (about 1H30 on a dirt road)

last bus is at 17:00  but then you will have to walk in the dark, so we recommend you take a bus at 14:00 or earlier (time schedule may change).


 ! ! !                ! ! ! !     adress change    ! ! !          ! ! !

       Go to ´´ fazenda PURA VIDA´´  in Agua Fria village

       (ask the bus driver to drop you in front of the gate)   ! ! !


! ! !                    ! ! !                  ! ! !                ! ! !              ! ! !








for those who have  to reach Abracadabra farm, it is a one hour walk : 


  • take the  road going up hill on the right of the church
  • first junction, keep on the right
  • second junction, keep on the left (look for signs).


be aware that it is a muddy trail, and that strong rain can shower you at anytime.  This walk will be your first initiation to the rural tropical lifestyle of Abracadabra ! ! ! Welcome Home ! ! !