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aqui e a casa comunitaria - the main house ! (before restoration )

tambem se pode acampar no tope do morro,In fact we mostly live outside, camping around, near the waterfall, or up the hill.

FOTOS : http://www.flickr.com/photos/24706599@N08


the Farm was bought in 2006 by a group of people from different countries.

We hope we can transform the Private Land Tittle into  a more evolutive form, allowing other partners to feel involve in the Land´s Life

gathring more people sharing this same vision of respect of the Mother Earth and respect of Individuals

open roof, to sun-dry the cacao beans

but also open house to welcome you home !


Marcela, Noam and Haroldo

First 2007 Realisations :

build a water pound by the spring ; install the hose down to the house ; fence and cover the well ; fence the veggy garden ; repaint the inside of the house with chalk ; re-build the roof with tales ; first small bread oven and new cooking place ; buy a horse and a mule ; buy 30 chickens ; plant the first 100 trees ; drink a lot of coconuts ; eat a lot of cacao and avocados ; make caju nuts ; biggest party with 20 people from brasil, argentina, mexico, australia, slovakia, check republic, turkia, europe, québec, israel ..

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official language :

we try to speak portugues-brazilian in everyday life.
"meetings" are usely in english even if none of us is a native english speaker.
In fact, the official language is a mix of spanish and portugues together.
Hebreu, french and italian are also comonly spoken

But Why ? and how much ?
We ask you to pay at least for your food ! We use the Magic Hat Donation so that each individual participates within his posibilities, as long as the Hat provides abundance to everyone.

Donations are warmly welcome for other supplies such as Tools (boots, machetes..), Equipments (mosquito nets, tarps...), Reforestation, Dance Hall construction etc...

just CREATE !
we hope the Fazenda can stay open to both individual life and comunity projects.

Everyday activities can be :
cooking, picking, cutting wood, carying water etc...
cacao farm
veggy garden
Private life
and any realisation or non-realisation

What will happen depends on YOU

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Zaza 29/07/2009 23:40

Once in a while
while traveling around the world,
we encounter the real deal,
the actual stuff dreams are made of.
A pinch of Paradise,
a heavy dose of reality,
a constant change,
have made the past two weeks fantastic.
Harmony, co-existence, Real food and cacao.
This is the bahia I have been looking for.
Carry on my friends, carry on.
OM shanti

from Zaza and Joshua, june 2009

more on www.yogiswithoutborders.blogspot.com

jesus cabral 26/02/2008 05:35

Encantado de visitar su pagina y espero visitarlos pronto. Abrazos