Cacao Experience

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Cacao trees grow in the shade of the rain forest : an abundant and diversified forest of native trees and fruit trees


It gives fruits all year round (with high season from june to october : rain season)

After gathering the fruits, 
we open them one by one to extract the cacao seeds

sur-le-toit.jpgthe seeds are sun-dried for two weeks on the roof of the main house, and then become cacao beans, ready for saling, or for cooking ! 

Bon apétit !


raw cacao, home-made peanut butter, guarana powder and cereals

Feel free to join us to experiment the cacao process and tasting

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ilanta 14/05/2010 17:01

Hi all!

Was very excited when I saw your cacao trees and experiments with raw cacao :) do you have people in Brasil intereste din rawfoods and superfoods like raw cacao and others?

How is your project going there? Many people joining?

Looking forward to hear from you!

xxx, Ilanta (portuguese living in switzerland)